Saturday, 11 June 2011

RANT! many applogies!

This blog post has not title as I do not know what to give it…

When I was little I was assessed for Dyslexia and they said I was not phonically aware so I thought nothing of it I was about 4 when I was assessed, so I went through the infants and secondary and got some help but the problems started when I went to my secondary school.

When I was going into year 7 my dad had a meeting with the coordinator for spelling problems and stuff and she said I would need help and I would get it and I got no help at all!

Now I am in year 10 I have been using a Crossbow Reading ruler science I was about 6 and I asked would I be able to use it in an exam and I was told you better check with the coordinator so I did and she said it was fine and this is where I am quite annoyed SHE DID NOT EVEN KNOW I HAD ANY SPELLING PROBLEMS so she asked if I wanted testing again so I got tested and my reading, spelling and comprehension.

The average for my ages is 85%

The reading there was 5 sections and I skipped at least 3 and that came back 98% out of 100 HOW???

The spelling was the first 20 most common words and spelt at least 6 wrong and that came back at 85% HOW??? I can remember I spelt circle and reach like this cricel and rech that’s not normal is it?

The comprehension I must of got about 10ish wrong out of 40 and that came back at about 87% how is that normal?

So I decided to do some digging on the internet and I found Dyslexia Action and I got a few leaflets one of the leaflets has a check list that is as follows:

1. Is your child bright in some subject and has a block in others?

2. Are they a slow reader?

3. Does anyone in the family have a similar problem?

4. Do they have difficulty following a list?

5. Were they a late talker?

6. Do they have problems with spelling?

7. Poor handwriting?

8. Put figures or letters the wrong way round?

9. Difficulty understanding time and tense?

10. Do they get left and right confused?

11. Do they answer questions orally and then have problems righting them down?

12. Poor sense of rhyme?

13. Do they have difficulty taking notes or copying from the board?

And 1,2,3,4,6,8,10,11,13 all apply to me and my school think there is nothing wrong me at all?

Right sorry rant over had a bad week!


  1. I hope it gets better for you soon. (hugs) Have you tried searching online to see if there are any online tools that can help?

  2. thanks for your support! yea i have stuff but only a few things work like these reading ruler things but most of the stuff i need i need to get through school and they won't help me :'(

  3. Blimey, no need to apologise for your rant, I think you have every right to feel angry about it. Thanks for sharing the check list, I hope you get the help you want soon x

  4. sorry to reply so late but they have said i will not need/get help! but i'm doing fine-ish in exams at the minuet