Friday, 24 February 2012

Andys side of the story...

8 hours earlier

I woke up. Ran to the bathroom, and was sick as the room began to fill with the stench,

I walked to the car and sat in the blue Honda and waited for jack to come back, ‘’open the boot!’’ jack screeched. I quickly got out the car and ran to the back of the car and opened the boot, jack threw this huge body shaped thing raped in refuge bags into the boot of the Honda. ‘’Get back in the car!’’ jack barked handing me the keys back ‘’who or what is that?’’ I asked I thought what was I apart of? What was I doing?

‘’Drive!’’ jack shouted, i turned the keys and drove ‘’where am I driving too?’’ he turned and looked at me then stroked my hair, then he looked at me and said ‘’we’ll dump it at the body farm in Texas, I have a key’’ Texas I thought I am driving to Texas to dumb a body? I asked jack ‘’who’s in the bag?’’ jack just said it was no one that wouldn’t be missed but someone important to someone somewhere.

The rest of the drive there was complete silence. We arrived at the body farm in Texas he gave me a large pink hand bag and got the body out the boot and he dragged it to the end of the woods, then loudly whispered angrily ‘’bag now!’’ I handed him the bag and he opened it and took out a hammer and gave me back the bag and said ‘’there’s a gun in there that’s for you, I put a silencer on it get shooting!’’ I shot at the black bag I just kept going till jack finally said ‘’enough’’ he turned to face me and grabbed my face and said ‘’you want to know who it is?’’ I wondered who or even what it was I replied ‘’yes’’ why did I say yes I didn’t really want to see what I had done but I couldn’t resist it was like watching a scary movie from behind the sofa.

Jack bent down and opened the top of the bag with a pen knife and pulled down the plastic to revile this bloody messed up piece of meat, then I realised it was a human body.

It smelt the same as when I threw up there. I sorted myself out and then realised no one was home. I decided I needed to go and see jack and tell him I couldn’t keep the secret any longer, mean I was living with one of the people which I had helped take someone they loved away. Just as I was leaving a letter came through the letter box it was addressed to me. I opened the letter only to see what I feared most pictures of me after and one of me and jack kissing and a letter that red all will disappear once the one you love know, I whipped the door open and there was on one there how could no one be there I stepped outside and looked up and down the street no one was there?!

I walked to the bus stop shaking like I had never shook before. I paid and sat down the ride to the prison where jack was being held was or felt like the longest journey I had ever taken, I just wanted to get there and say what I had to say. The bus stopped at the prison, I had never got off a bus quicker in my life. I practically ran to the entrance I opened the door the guard said ‘’who are you and what or who do you want to see?’’ I looked around the calendar was still on may and smith is a common surname I looked at the guard and said ‘’I’m an old friend of jack castle, my name is may smith’’ the guard looked me up and down then said sign in is just through there I signed in as may smith and went through the scanners I just wanted to see him!

I finally got to him, I sat down at the table and I just couldn’t keep it in any longer and it just came out like word vomit ‘’I’m living with the super intendant and my brother and I can’t keep it in any longer I am going to tell her today!’’ then he looked at me and signalled the guard for some water then he handed it to me and said ‘’you’re a bit late I wrote them a letter on the paper you gave me, they know everything’’ he looked down then said ‘’did you get my letter you know the one with the pictures?’’ jack sent the pictures?! How? When? Why?

I walked out, I couldn’t bare it how could he do this to me. I went home I thought I would tell her without telling her I grabbed an envelope from the post office wrote recognise anyone? On a piece of paper and walked home. I looked through windows as she came down stares she was headed out I looked at my watch Marcus would be home soon so I put it through the letter box and ran as far as I could and as quick as I could.

I went and sat in the park it must have been a hours later that my phone rang it was the super intendant she just said could I meet her at the coffee shop in town I thought if she didn’t know about the letter I would just tell her.

I started walking to the coffee shop, she looked stiff and uncertain when I got there. I went in and sat down with her and just said ‘’you must hate me, I should be dead I killed Cullum and helped with the others, I’m so sorry please forgive me I love staying with you.’’ I felt so guilty but before I could go on was being piled on by police and arrested.