Thursday, 21 July 2011


I lay there, I was in love with the rookie what was I thinking. I looked at his face and decided either way it wouldn’t end well so I turned over and ‘fell’ asleep. I heard the nurse say ‘’ah that’s fine she will be drowsy for a while, I heard you saved her life.’’

It was late when I ‘woke up’ the rookie had fallen asleep in his chair, I wasn’t going to escape him was i? Does he love me? Then it hit my action plan I sleep now get discharged tomorrow, ask the rookie weather he loved me and go from there. So I set out on the first part of my plan and tried to sleep.

The next day I woke up the rookie had packed all my things in to a bag. I woke up and looked down my bed to see a note at the end of my bed it said ‘hope you had a good night I’ll be back at ten to take you home, hope we can talk then’ then the biggest thing was at the bottom it just said ‘p.s I love you’. That was it, my worry was gone he loved me to I could talk to him properly me and him not the super intendant and the rookie.

He came in smile on his face but behind that smile was questions and lots of them. He walked up to me and just as he was about to open his mouth when it just came out of me ‘’yes I do love you’’ I saw the questions behind his smile just go, and he really smiled a true 100% smile. I thought as he insisted on wheeling me to my car I might end up happy for once, but then I thought if this goes wrong what will this do to him? And his life?

We got to my house. I opened the door I think I was capable of opening a door, the rookie on the other hand thought I would make me worse and I would over do it and blah blah blah. No matter what he said I was going back to work next month whether he liked it or not. I sat on the sofa you and he decided we would talk so out it all came yes I was in love with him and I was glad to hear that yes he loved me too. After he had it all out he ran and got a DVD and some ice cream, he came back with 50 first dates and cookie dough ice cream both of which I loved so I snuggled in to his arm and set about demolishing the ice cream. I turned to him as said ‘’well if we’re going to date I should know your name.’’ he turned to me and said ‘’my name is Marcus, Marcus Spencer’’

I was woken by a BANG, BANG, BANG on the door who could it be? Marcus was still here? I got up walked to the door looked back at Marcus who looked like someone was holding a gun to the back of his head in a dark room, I held the cold metal door knob for a few seconds before I slowly twisted it and peered around the side of the door to see Detective Jones standing there in his Doctor Who coat I said ‘’hello’’ and he said ‘’we have some news on Cullum, can I come in?’’ what was I going to do, Marcus Was still sitting on the sofa with no way out of my house? My line thought was broken by Detective Jones as he said ‘’Cullum your ex-boyfriend, we have news can I come in?’’

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Name the Rookie! Give Away!

I hope you all have been enjoying the story but I have a problem, as everyone knows the Rookie has no name, so i have decide to enlist you help! I need a first name and a second name.
the boring bit the rules:
1. 1 entry per person please comment on this post to enter.
2. I will use the random number generator at to pick the winner and if that person could email me with in seven days with their name and a address, so they can get there prize.
3. this give away is open to international readers.
4. I will announce the winner in a separate post on the 28th of July 2011 just before the next part goes up.

So for your chance to win a M Journal by staples (picture below) and name the Rookie comment below!

Thursday, 14 July 2011


I was horrified. I saw he still had a gun in his hand I told him he had to put it down right there and then but he shot at me and I sunk to the ground and the next thing I knew someone was holding me down. I felt him stab me with a needle the feeling of being piercing erupted through my body as I fell asleep I remember thinking how could I let this happen? What is he going to do to me? How could he do this to me?

The next thing I knew I woke up tied to a chair in this dark, damp smelling room I could see a window but not out of the window I thought I was going to die, there were needles all over the floor what can I do? I thought Jack as asleep on the other side of the room he had all my stuff laid out in front of me. I felt something under my foot I moved my foot as much as I could over it, it felt the buttons and the lines and there was a dial thing on the side then I worked out it was my tracker, but I hadn’t used it before will it make a sound if I press something? What do I do? I decided either way if I was going to die I wanted someone to know where I was. I just stamped and stamped on I could see a little red light ultimate the room, I quickly stood on it to hide the light.

I could feel the rough rope around my ankle slipping I wiggled my foot till it eventually feel off I managed to use my foot to un do my other foot, then I put both my feet on the chair to make a ball with my body and stood up and to my surprize the rope came off I got the cloth out my mouth. My next task was to find my gun, I was it placed under a box I walked over to the box and as I lifted the box I heard a shot jack had taken a shot at me missing me by millimetres it went straight through the box. I got my gun pulled the loader took a shot which got him in the foot he sunk and started bleeding like tea bag in water. I quickly picked up my radio from this puddle I pressed the soggy button requested back up.

I was walking back over to jack when he took another shot but this time he got me in my stomach it felt like someone had just shot me, it felt like someone wanted me dead and had stabbed me so hard and was twisting it and pulling it through my body, I started to feel white like when you’re driving and you don’t see the dip in the road I started to feel sleepy.

The next thing I heard was the door fly open and crash off the wall, standing there with a gun was the rookie who I meet at the crime scene earlier that day. I heard him run over I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore I felt him shaking me telling me he order me to open my eyes. He put me down and ran over to jack I heard jack groan and him being dragged along the floor then I heard the handcuff being latched onto a railing and then around jacks wrist. The rookie came straight back to me I felt him shaking me and kept calling for backup on my radio, then all of a sudden I felt an immense pressure on my abdomen he was trying to stop the bleeding. I just remember feeling wet and soggy and the stench of rotting garbage and blood that filled the room all I could hear was the rookie screaming at me to wake up and to wake up right now! I feel asleep. I was thinking in my head how nice and kind this rookie was and if he was older or I was younger I would ask him out, it was at this moment I feel in love with the un-named rookie.

I woke up in the hospital the rookie was sitting there in the chair next to my bed the nurse said he hadn’t left all day. When the nurse had gone the rookie sprung up like a Meerkat and said ‘’can I ask you a question?’’ I was thinking what could he possible want to know? Why I was with jack in that place? How I knew jack? Who jack was? I just said ‘’sure what?’’ he looked like he didn’t know how to say what he wanted to say, I was right as the next thing out his mouth as ‘’I really don’t know how you will take this but you said you loved me, do you?’’

Thursday, 7 July 2011


I felt trapped. I didn’t know what to do or who I could tell, I was stuck trapped in the middle of investigation on my first day as super intendant. Detective Doyle walked me back to my car and said he would keep me posted. A rookie whose name I am going to make my priority to learn asked me if I was ok? Or needed a lift, I decided nobody used to be nice to me before so why not so I just said ‘’I’m fine and yes that would be lovely but you best clear it with your supervisor ‘’ he looked at me and his face dropped I asked him what was the matter? He said ‘’he’ll never let me go’’ so I just said ‘’go over there and say I said you are to drive me back to the office as a matter of urgency’’ he just looked at me in amazement he responded ‘’really?’’ I just looked at him and said ‘’go on then’’. No one ever gave me a break and this would have been my dream, I am going to change how we are treat with in the force starting with the rookies.

As we were driving back to the office when we both started pointing out people that could be arrested I was thinking finally someone who thinks the same as me and doesn’t just call it a stupid habit. I think we got 42 between us in a 45 minute drive. We walked to reception and he turned to me and said ‘’should I go back now?’’ I just said ‘’they’ll manage for a few hours’’ I found out my office was on the 13th floor we got in the lift I think he was still amazed I asked him to stay. I we got to my office I was thinking my very own office all mine I opened the door and all the expectations built up… all that hope… all the ideas of what it will look like and I hated it, it was black and shiny, shiny who gives a cop a shiny office me + shiny = messy. So I sat down and the rookie was still in the door way I said to him he had to come and sit down and that was an order and he did as he was told.

I sat there at my horrible shiny polished black desk I was all to clean, so I got out a note book and planed how to make my office ‘normal’ I started a list and first on my list was finger prints. I stood up walked over to the glass and pressed my hands on the cold hard glass and continued around the room making sure everything had at least a few finger prints on. I turned to the rookie how now looked like someone has just walked in here and shoot everything to pieces and said ‘’what, it was too clean, now I think we should leave before cleaning get here.’’

We walled to my car and I drove him home we got to his house and he turned to me and said ‘’thanks for today it was brilliant!’’ he was about to close the door when just said ‘’53’’ I managed 56 so I just yelled ‘’56’’ I saw him walk up his long path and into his house trying to work out what he had missed.

I drove home. When I got home I walked to the door I was about to put my key in the door and I heard something move, it sounded like someone was sweeping what do I do? do I burst in? I have my gun or do I try and see who it is? Then I started to think is the key still in the planter? I took the planter, went behind my car and pushed my hand through the soil, where was my spare key my get home drunk and can’t find key key? That was it! I had a moment of weakness and a shot of adrenaline that was it who dears to break in to my house?!

I stood up, dusted the soil off me even though I still looked like I just rolled around in the soil, got out my gun pulled the loader back, went to my door, pushed the door with all the force I could summon I was about to shoot. My house looked like a crime scene covered in blood in circular movements like when someone tries to clean it up… then sitting there on the sofa was Jack Castle my ex-boyfriend holding a gun… and covered in blood.