Thursday, 21 July 2011


I lay there, I was in love with the rookie what was I thinking. I looked at his face and decided either way it wouldn’t end well so I turned over and ‘fell’ asleep. I heard the nurse say ‘’ah that’s fine she will be drowsy for a while, I heard you saved her life.’’

It was late when I ‘woke up’ the rookie had fallen asleep in his chair, I wasn’t going to escape him was i? Does he love me? Then it hit my action plan I sleep now get discharged tomorrow, ask the rookie weather he loved me and go from there. So I set out on the first part of my plan and tried to sleep.

The next day I woke up the rookie had packed all my things in to a bag. I woke up and looked down my bed to see a note at the end of my bed it said ‘hope you had a good night I’ll be back at ten to take you home, hope we can talk then’ then the biggest thing was at the bottom it just said ‘p.s I love you’. That was it, my worry was gone he loved me to I could talk to him properly me and him not the super intendant and the rookie.

He came in smile on his face but behind that smile was questions and lots of them. He walked up to me and just as he was about to open his mouth when it just came out of me ‘’yes I do love you’’ I saw the questions behind his smile just go, and he really smiled a true 100% smile. I thought as he insisted on wheeling me to my car I might end up happy for once, but then I thought if this goes wrong what will this do to him? And his life?

We got to my house. I opened the door I think I was capable of opening a door, the rookie on the other hand thought I would make me worse and I would over do it and blah blah blah. No matter what he said I was going back to work next month whether he liked it or not. I sat on the sofa you and he decided we would talk so out it all came yes I was in love with him and I was glad to hear that yes he loved me too. After he had it all out he ran and got a DVD and some ice cream, he came back with 50 first dates and cookie dough ice cream both of which I loved so I snuggled in to his arm and set about demolishing the ice cream. I turned to him as said ‘’well if we’re going to date I should know your name.’’ he turned to me and said ‘’my name is Marcus, Marcus Spencer’’

I was woken by a BANG, BANG, BANG on the door who could it be? Marcus was still here? I got up walked to the door looked back at Marcus who looked like someone was holding a gun to the back of his head in a dark room, I held the cold metal door knob for a few seconds before I slowly twisted it and peered around the side of the door to see Detective Jones standing there in his Doctor Who coat I said ‘’hello’’ and he said ‘’we have some news on Cullum, can I come in?’’ what was I going to do, Marcus Was still sitting on the sofa with no way out of my house? My line thought was broken by Detective Jones as he said ‘’Cullum your ex-boyfriend, we have news can I come in?’’


  1. Very interesting. I like the fact that you're bringing Cullum back in now. Nice hook to the next episode. And I love the name for the rookie. ;)

  2. thanks glad you liked it and the rookies name was all you! hehe

  3. Love the name, too, nice one! And yes, another cracking ending, just leading us all on to the next part. Lovely stuff!

  4. thanks and there is more to come glad you like it

  5. Nice name for the rookie. It will be interesting to see what the news is about Cullum is.

  6. the news will be revealed very soon thanks for reading

  7. I love the rookie name. It fits him. Also on my list of loves about this: the detective in the Doctor Who coat.

    Keep 'em coming! :)

  8. thanks for reading it but the name was all chuck.
    thanks again for reading!