Sunday, 31 October 2010

I had a brace once...

Well in a few weeks i will be getting ready for the long journey of braces. I'm not that scared I'm more concerned about what colours to get on my first appointment. Well the other week i had to go for the 'what were going to do to you' meetings with the orthodontist, they give you the whole you need to brush more and show you braces and the treatment plan [basically the longest one humanly possible so they can the most money out the NHS], so apparently if i tolerate it I'm looking at about a year to 18 months.

Many of my friends have had braces
and have told me things that have happened to them [thanks for the horror stories!] so i am prepared i have bought three little boxes of wax which are so lovely i got two mint scented ones and a chocolate one, i also got two packs of orthosil and some comfort covers to stop my braces hurting and cutting the sides of my cheeks.

Well this isn't my first brace i have had i was told my bite was awful and i need this fixed brace which filled the top part of my mouth leaving unable to eat and breath properly it was called the Quad helix and that one lasted a whole four day. Well they would of had to take it out because of my MIR scan and holiday to Slovakia and the food would of been a nightmare with it in.
When I get my brace i am going to be very sad no chewing gum, no sticky food, no fizzy pop or energy drink [never going to happen], no pizza and i can't bite into anything properly oh joy.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

My knee! is better after two years of pain!

Sorry have been away for a while had loads of knee problems it has been everything from soft tissue to a broken ACL! Got a brilliant surgeon who MIR scanned my knee with in a two days got an appointment to review the scan with in two weeks! He did the whole new set of tests and said you haven't broke your ACL and you haven't got a meniscus tare! which was when he popped the question...
What are you doing tomorrow? my response was nothing why??? he said i want to do key hole and if they is anything wrong I'll fix it there and then!
So got to the ward at 8am where a nurse said they want to take you down in about 30minuets you first on his list!
Turn out my meniscus had torn but had grown the wrong way leaving me with a 'flappy' bit (please see picture!) which was getting cort on where the knee joins.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Happy 20th anniversary Mam and Dad!

Happy 20th anniversary Mam and Dad! I know I'm a day late, but I'm glad your still together and I love you muchly!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

I wanna go ski!

While learning to crochet my friend who is also a skier asked me if i had heard the song 'my friends a pro' by the USA winter Olympic team and i hadn't so she showed me it and now i am in love with it! The song starts about 0:50!
[i do not own this video i have no association with team USA, and contains mild language]

TEAM USA - My Friend is a Pro (Album Version) from Mike Thomas on Vimeo.