Saturday, 13 August 2011


Sorry i haven't done one for a few weeks but things got on top of me so here is hidden part 5.

I looked back round so see that Marcus was disappearing up the stairs, I waited till he had gotten most of the way up the stairs before I let Detective Jones in. He asked me if I was ok and how I was feeling and just general stuff they ask when they are trying to be all sentimental, I just sat and waited for him to say something important. Then in one second I went from not paying any attention to glued to every word he said. Detective Jones said ‘’Jack Castel confessed to the murder of Cullum Doyle and 5 other murders 3 of which were when you were dating him at 5am this morning’’ I felt mortified I was a police officer at the time how did I not notice? He was killing when we were together? I finally plucked up the courage to ask ‘’what happens next to him?’’ Detective Jones said ‘’jail he’s looking at 30 years to life’’ he left me for a moment and then said ‘’can I have a look at where he slept?’’ at which point reality set in where had he gone? Was he in the room? What is this going to looking like?

We walked up the stairs and into the room all I could think was where was Marcus? I was praying he didn’t fall out a cupboard or wardrobe? He looked around for a few seconds and then said ‘’that’ll be thanks for your co-operation I’ll drop by again soon’’ I walked him to the door and said goodbye. The door closed and I kept my eye pressed to the peep hole till he got in his car and drove off, I turned round and looked at him and we both burst out laughing then it suddenly occurred to be to ask him where he hid and he came out on the extension roof and we both started laughing again.

After we calmed down Marcus Looked at his watch and said it’s 9 o’clock and said ‘’can we go and visit my sister Andy?’’ I never knew he had a sister, I was intrigued so I said ‘’sure where does she live?’’ He looked at me with an expression of embarrassment and shame then finally he said ‘’she doesn’t live anywhere she’s a prostitute’’ I thought I would try and lighten the mood by saying bit of a job contrast but just as I was about to say this he looked like he was going to cry and this looked a bit of a touchy subject, I felt sorry for him. I said ‘’yea sure let’s go I can make some hot food and put it in a flask for her? How’s does that sound?’’ He Just looked at me he knew I understood, I said ‘’how’s about she stays here for a while?’’ I just gave him a nudge and said ‘’But that means if you stay overnight you’re in with me’’ he looked at me in amazement and said ‘’are you sure?’’ I just said ‘’yes she’s your sister and I want to help, shall I go make her some food? What does she like?’’ he said ‘’when we was little should used to beg for mam to make macaroni and cheese she used to love that’’ ‘’macaroni and cheese it is then I make her a little food pack’’ I said.

We left with macaroni and cheese, 3 types of sandwich, 4 bags of crisps and some bottles of water and some spare clothes. ‘’she is often found on the other part of town under the bridge where the body of that child was found a few months ago’’ he said I knew where he meant so I just drove. We turned the corner to go under the bridge and she was standing their tall, blond haired and soooo thin she looked like she needed my food. We drove up to her, Marcus wound the window down and said to her to get in like he was going to pay her, she opened the door the cold air filled the warm car how was she ok? She must be freezing? She asked what was in the basket I said ‘’ it’s all for you I made you macaroni and cheese your brother said you loved it as a kid’’ she pulled the flask open soooo fast I thought the lid was going to break something the rate at which it came flying off, I was so unbelievable happy she was tucking in. We drove her back to my house it was about an hours drive and she had demolished the basket in about half and hour. She got out the car and said to me ‘’why are we here?’’ I said ‘’I agreed with your brother you can stay here with us for a while if you would like I’m talking 3 meals a day and a warm room?’’ she just looked at me and then she hugged me so tight I thought I was going to pop clean out of her arms, I had to pull away as she was pressing on my bullet hole. I said to her to have a shower and then she could have a few drinks with us.

She came down about 30 minutes later fresh as a daisy and she had a few drinks with us then she went upstairs, mean I was surprised she made it up the stairs we were all out of it. A few seconds later she came down the stairs with a murderous look on her face and holding my gun.