Friday, 16 December 2011

You know when your christmas tree snows? no well look at mine!

Sorry, the quality is bad but it's the best i could do, but look my christmas tree snows!!! and sorry it's on it's side i can't work out how to make it upright

Thursday, 17 November 2011


I haven't posted in what feels like years and i'm very sorry so here's part 8

I sat on the sofa for a while, I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew Marcus came through the door and woke me and the cat up. ‘’what time is it?’’ I said tired and frustrated, I rubbed my eyes to see Marcus stood in front of me, he replied ‘’6 at night.’’ My next thought was Andy where was Andy?! I said to Marcus ‘’where is Andy?’’ he replied ‘’why?’’ he sounded scared and alarmed, I said ‘’no reason I just want to speak with her.’’ He sat down next to me and started playing with the cat then said ‘’when did we get a cat?’’ like he just realised I just replied ‘’today he found us.’’

The phone rang so I got up and answered it the first thing I heard was detective jones say is ‘’are you alone? We know about you and Marcus and his sister staying with you we know all this are you alone?’’ I froze they knew? How did they know? ‘’Marcus is with me,’’ ‘’go to another room away from him this is urgent’’ I walked up to my room I told Marcus I would be back in a few minutes and that is was my mam asking if I had her bracelet from dad. I got in my room and said to detective jones I was alone and he said ‘’Andy his sister right?’’ ‘’Yea ‘’ I said ‘’her finger prints are on the letter you gave us’’ I just said ‘’I’m gunna come down, I have been given something that might help’’

I grabbed a random bracelet and went down stairs Marcus looked at me I couldn’t tell him he would die inside he loved her should I tell him? Show him the letter? The pictures? Would he believe me? I just said found it I’m gunna go post it, I’ll be back soon.

I drove as fast as I could, when I got there detective jones was waiting for me we walked into my office and there must have been about 20 Federal agents and FBI in my office. They wanted to ask questions about Andy and Jack then I gave them the pictures and they said I was to be watched at all times and all walked out.

About 2 hours later they came back and said I would ring Andy and get her to meet me. This all felt wrong Marcus knew everything and I couldn’t tell him anything. I rang Andy and asked her to meet me at a coffee shop nearby in an hour.

I spent 45 minutes getting kitted out and going through all the signals they wanted me to use, then I walked to the coffee shop and sat down and waited for what seemed like ever, she came through the door and sat down and said she had something to tell me. I told everyone to back off by twisting my mug so the handle was pointing to the window. She started crying then she said ‘’you must hate me, I should be dead I killed Cullum and helped with the others, I’m so sorry please forgive me I love staying with you.’’ I looked at her she was clearly sorry and there was nothing I could do I just spilt the half cup of coffee and coffee shop filled with agents and she was arrested. I actually felt sorry for her. Then it occurred to me how did she know I knew?

Sunday, 25 September 2011


sorry i haven't posted in a while here's part 7

''I love you and I always will you never noticed when I had all them late nights hope you can forgive me some day jack x’’ I ran to the toilets and threw up again and again, when I was done I just sat there and cried how could i not have noticed I felt so sick. I eventually got up and went to the mirror and sorted myself out the letter still stuck to my side it felt like I had just opened Pandora’s box and me and my world were being sucked in.
I walked back to my office, sat in my chair and opened the letter again I noticed something different this time slightly yellow marks were on the bottom, what could they be? I thought about it for a few minutes then thought could it be a secret message? I went to the main desk and asked for a UV note checker and went back to my office and scanned the letter and I was surprised to see the words ‘body farm good luck’ he sold the body to a body farm and I thought what will be left
I decided to had the letter over to Detective Doyle I couldn’t handle having the letter anymore. I went back to my office and called Marcus and he said he would be there as soon as he could.
Detective Doyle came to me a few hours later and said ‘’he had called a few of the body farms and had a hit on University of Tennessee Anthropological research facility they said they can’t be sure but a while ago, a body turned up on the site that a few people hadn’t seen before but as they said bodies get moved around here all the time but they’ll get back to us.’’
I decided I better go home the state is was in I was no use here I put everything in my bag and just as I was leaving the phone went I dropped my bag and answered it, it was Texas State University-San Marcos Department of Anthropology they said they had received a report off a student and it described a body they had not registered but they would have to do more checks and they’d get back to me.
I went home it was strange Andy was looking for a job and Marcus was at work, I went upstairs got changed and went to make some food for when everyone got in and just as I was headed for the kitchen a letter came through the letter box on its own, I thought that’s strange, we had post earlier I went and picked it up it was addresses to me, who writing me letters?
I opened the letter and all it said was recognise anyone? In the envelope were surveillance pictures of Andy and jack one of them kissing dated when we were together and another one of them covered in blood and Andy holding knife and jack holding a gun. I dropped the pictures.
Later I went upstairs and got a magnifying glass and looked at them closely felling sicker and sicker the more I looked then I noticed just the bottom of a sign all I could make out was Anthropology centre. Andy helped Jack kill these people… then I thought did she help kill Callum?
I went for a walk with the photos in my pocket, I must of walked for about an hour then I got back and there was a cat sitting on my door step I walked up to it and said to it ‘’what you doing here?’’ I open the door to go in and the cat invited it’s self in. I went to the kitchen and found some chicken I had cooked for tea the other night I put it on a plate and gave it a bowl of milk and it tucked in I thought it must just be hungry but it finished that than sat on my knee so I check it for a collar and I felt for a microchip and nothing. It jumped down and walked over of my bag and pulled out my uneaten sandwich from work and brought it to me as if to say can I have it? This felt weird I opened the sandwich and held the piece of ham while it sat back on my knee and ate it, it finished the piece of ham and curled up on me and went to sleep. For the first time in hours I hadn’t thought about what happened today.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Just so you all know...

As a lot of my school friends are starting to find me on twitter i just would like everyone to know i do not reference twitter, my blog or anyone's blog on my facebook account as most of my friends are young and won't understand how i feel about writing and sharing some of the stuff i share on here and twitter. I am thinking of creating a new facebook account for all my lovely twitter friends where i can talk to you all and share what i want when i want, as i feel i get get judged on my current facebook account. I just like facebook me and twitter me separate i am not hiding anything from you and i hope you all understand. Please, if you have an opinion on this let me know.

Thursday, 1 September 2011


-this one is a bit rough sorry-

We were in deep trouble Andy had my gun. I thought is it loaded? How much is in there? My train of thought was interrupted by the sound of the loader going back… but to our surprise it was empty. She could of killed us! I turned to Marcus who just looked at me like he wanted to rip the gun from her hand kill her his self then he said to me ‘’I told you she was a handful, I’m sorry’’ After everything calmed down and we all sobered up we decided to go to bed. I needed sleep I looked like a cross between myself and a zombie.

I thought a lot about the future that night. I woke to my alarm the radio person said ‘’top headline, police run riot as super intendant is on where to be found.’’ I thought I know where I am? I’ve been at home and the hospital? But what bothered me the most was what were my police doing to run riot?! I decide to screw sick leave I was going back today! I can walk and talk to I’ll be fine. Marcus was still asleep when I was getting ready to leave he had taken a week’s leave for ‘family business,’ I packed my bag I tip toed around my room getting everything I need I got to the door. I looked at the list on the door, at the top was a little package and a little note that said:

I know you will go back to work without me knowing so, just so you don’t forget anything have you got your: gun, ammunition, ID, badge, pain killers, phone, radio, belt and purse?

Don’t do anything stupid,

Love Marcus

P.S. one of the cleaners is allergic to pollen so to I put some in a little bag for you.

I found a post it note and wrote:

Gone to work,

Love you lots, take care of your sister!

I locked the door and got in my car and drove to work. It was still early when I got out the car, I swung the door open and stepped out a cold breeze hit me like a glass wall, it was still dark. I walked in to work and up to my office it was still as I remembered it black and shiny! Just as I was about to open my bag on pour the pollen down the back book case Detective Jones came in and just said ‘’Jack is refusing to say anything until he can talk to you, I know you shouldn’t be involved and everything but he said he will tell us where one of the bodies is if you talk to him’’ i felt all powerful like I held the key to a million dollars when Detective Jones said ‘’please were begging you, were running out of time.’’ I thought for a moment. ‘’yes I’ll talk to him where is he?’’ I said, so Detective Jones drove me up to where Jack was being held, on the way he said where is that rookie you had driving you about I nearly very nearly said he’s at my house but I thought no you can’t say that I just said ‘’back with is training officer I think.’’

We walked in to this smelly place it stunk of urine and rooting flesh I felt a shiver up my spine as I as escorted to where jack was being held. I walked in to the room and Jack was sitting their he just said ‘’ I love you and under the red sculpture in Millennium park’’ I turned to Detective Jones and just said can I leave now?’’ he just said ‘’it’s up to you’’ Jack handed me this letter as I was leaving.

Should I talk to him or not? I thought then I thought he nearly killed me so I decided that was it no I never wanted to see him again or did i? I went back to the office, sat down and peeled the flap of the letter inch by inch I was desperate to see what it said.

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Sorry i haven't done one for a few weeks but things got on top of me so here is hidden part 5.

I looked back round so see that Marcus was disappearing up the stairs, I waited till he had gotten most of the way up the stairs before I let Detective Jones in. He asked me if I was ok and how I was feeling and just general stuff they ask when they are trying to be all sentimental, I just sat and waited for him to say something important. Then in one second I went from not paying any attention to glued to every word he said. Detective Jones said ‘’Jack Castel confessed to the murder of Cullum Doyle and 5 other murders 3 of which were when you were dating him at 5am this morning’’ I felt mortified I was a police officer at the time how did I not notice? He was killing when we were together? I finally plucked up the courage to ask ‘’what happens next to him?’’ Detective Jones said ‘’jail he’s looking at 30 years to life’’ he left me for a moment and then said ‘’can I have a look at where he slept?’’ at which point reality set in where had he gone? Was he in the room? What is this going to looking like?

We walked up the stairs and into the room all I could think was where was Marcus? I was praying he didn’t fall out a cupboard or wardrobe? He looked around for a few seconds and then said ‘’that’ll be thanks for your co-operation I’ll drop by again soon’’ I walked him to the door and said goodbye. The door closed and I kept my eye pressed to the peep hole till he got in his car and drove off, I turned round and looked at him and we both burst out laughing then it suddenly occurred to be to ask him where he hid and he came out on the extension roof and we both started laughing again.

After we calmed down Marcus Looked at his watch and said it’s 9 o’clock and said ‘’can we go and visit my sister Andy?’’ I never knew he had a sister, I was intrigued so I said ‘’sure where does she live?’’ He looked at me with an expression of embarrassment and shame then finally he said ‘’she doesn’t live anywhere she’s a prostitute’’ I thought I would try and lighten the mood by saying bit of a job contrast but just as I was about to say this he looked like he was going to cry and this looked a bit of a touchy subject, I felt sorry for him. I said ‘’yea sure let’s go I can make some hot food and put it in a flask for her? How’s does that sound?’’ He Just looked at me he knew I understood, I said ‘’how’s about she stays here for a while?’’ I just gave him a nudge and said ‘’But that means if you stay overnight you’re in with me’’ he looked at me in amazement and said ‘’are you sure?’’ I just said ‘’yes she’s your sister and I want to help, shall I go make her some food? What does she like?’’ he said ‘’when we was little should used to beg for mam to make macaroni and cheese she used to love that’’ ‘’macaroni and cheese it is then I make her a little food pack’’ I said.

We left with macaroni and cheese, 3 types of sandwich, 4 bags of crisps and some bottles of water and some spare clothes. ‘’she is often found on the other part of town under the bridge where the body of that child was found a few months ago’’ he said I knew where he meant so I just drove. We turned the corner to go under the bridge and she was standing their tall, blond haired and soooo thin she looked like she needed my food. We drove up to her, Marcus wound the window down and said to her to get in like he was going to pay her, she opened the door the cold air filled the warm car how was she ok? She must be freezing? She asked what was in the basket I said ‘’ it’s all for you I made you macaroni and cheese your brother said you loved it as a kid’’ she pulled the flask open soooo fast I thought the lid was going to break something the rate at which it came flying off, I was so unbelievable happy she was tucking in. We drove her back to my house it was about an hours drive and she had demolished the basket in about half and hour. She got out the car and said to me ‘’why are we here?’’ I said ‘’I agreed with your brother you can stay here with us for a while if you would like I’m talking 3 meals a day and a warm room?’’ she just looked at me and then she hugged me so tight I thought I was going to pop clean out of her arms, I had to pull away as she was pressing on my bullet hole. I said to her to have a shower and then she could have a few drinks with us.

She came down about 30 minutes later fresh as a daisy and she had a few drinks with us then she went upstairs, mean I was surprised she made it up the stairs we were all out of it. A few seconds later she came down the stairs with a murderous look on her face and holding my gun.

Thursday, 21 July 2011


I lay there, I was in love with the rookie what was I thinking. I looked at his face and decided either way it wouldn’t end well so I turned over and ‘fell’ asleep. I heard the nurse say ‘’ah that’s fine she will be drowsy for a while, I heard you saved her life.’’

It was late when I ‘woke up’ the rookie had fallen asleep in his chair, I wasn’t going to escape him was i? Does he love me? Then it hit my action plan I sleep now get discharged tomorrow, ask the rookie weather he loved me and go from there. So I set out on the first part of my plan and tried to sleep.

The next day I woke up the rookie had packed all my things in to a bag. I woke up and looked down my bed to see a note at the end of my bed it said ‘hope you had a good night I’ll be back at ten to take you home, hope we can talk then’ then the biggest thing was at the bottom it just said ‘p.s I love you’. That was it, my worry was gone he loved me to I could talk to him properly me and him not the super intendant and the rookie.

He came in smile on his face but behind that smile was questions and lots of them. He walked up to me and just as he was about to open his mouth when it just came out of me ‘’yes I do love you’’ I saw the questions behind his smile just go, and he really smiled a true 100% smile. I thought as he insisted on wheeling me to my car I might end up happy for once, but then I thought if this goes wrong what will this do to him? And his life?

We got to my house. I opened the door I think I was capable of opening a door, the rookie on the other hand thought I would make me worse and I would over do it and blah blah blah. No matter what he said I was going back to work next month whether he liked it or not. I sat on the sofa you and he decided we would talk so out it all came yes I was in love with him and I was glad to hear that yes he loved me too. After he had it all out he ran and got a DVD and some ice cream, he came back with 50 first dates and cookie dough ice cream both of which I loved so I snuggled in to his arm and set about demolishing the ice cream. I turned to him as said ‘’well if we’re going to date I should know your name.’’ he turned to me and said ‘’my name is Marcus, Marcus Spencer’’

I was woken by a BANG, BANG, BANG on the door who could it be? Marcus was still here? I got up walked to the door looked back at Marcus who looked like someone was holding a gun to the back of his head in a dark room, I held the cold metal door knob for a few seconds before I slowly twisted it and peered around the side of the door to see Detective Jones standing there in his Doctor Who coat I said ‘’hello’’ and he said ‘’we have some news on Cullum, can I come in?’’ what was I going to do, Marcus Was still sitting on the sofa with no way out of my house? My line thought was broken by Detective Jones as he said ‘’Cullum your ex-boyfriend, we have news can I come in?’’