Sunday, 25 September 2011


sorry i haven't posted in a while here's part 7

''I love you and I always will you never noticed when I had all them late nights hope you can forgive me some day jack x’’ I ran to the toilets and threw up again and again, when I was done I just sat there and cried how could i not have noticed I felt so sick. I eventually got up and went to the mirror and sorted myself out the letter still stuck to my side it felt like I had just opened Pandora’s box and me and my world were being sucked in.
I walked back to my office, sat in my chair and opened the letter again I noticed something different this time slightly yellow marks were on the bottom, what could they be? I thought about it for a few minutes then thought could it be a secret message? I went to the main desk and asked for a UV note checker and went back to my office and scanned the letter and I was surprised to see the words ‘body farm good luck’ he sold the body to a body farm and I thought what will be left
I decided to had the letter over to Detective Doyle I couldn’t handle having the letter anymore. I went back to my office and called Marcus and he said he would be there as soon as he could.
Detective Doyle came to me a few hours later and said ‘’he had called a few of the body farms and had a hit on University of Tennessee Anthropological research facility they said they can’t be sure but a while ago, a body turned up on the site that a few people hadn’t seen before but as they said bodies get moved around here all the time but they’ll get back to us.’’
I decided I better go home the state is was in I was no use here I put everything in my bag and just as I was leaving the phone went I dropped my bag and answered it, it was Texas State University-San Marcos Department of Anthropology they said they had received a report off a student and it described a body they had not registered but they would have to do more checks and they’d get back to me.
I went home it was strange Andy was looking for a job and Marcus was at work, I went upstairs got changed and went to make some food for when everyone got in and just as I was headed for the kitchen a letter came through the letter box on its own, I thought that’s strange, we had post earlier I went and picked it up it was addresses to me, who writing me letters?
I opened the letter and all it said was recognise anyone? In the envelope were surveillance pictures of Andy and jack one of them kissing dated when we were together and another one of them covered in blood and Andy holding knife and jack holding a gun. I dropped the pictures.
Later I went upstairs and got a magnifying glass and looked at them closely felling sicker and sicker the more I looked then I noticed just the bottom of a sign all I could make out was Anthropology centre. Andy helped Jack kill these people… then I thought did she help kill Callum?
I went for a walk with the photos in my pocket, I must of walked for about an hour then I got back and there was a cat sitting on my door step I walked up to it and said to it ‘’what you doing here?’’ I open the door to go in and the cat invited it’s self in. I went to the kitchen and found some chicken I had cooked for tea the other night I put it on a plate and gave it a bowl of milk and it tucked in I thought it must just be hungry but it finished that than sat on my knee so I check it for a collar and I felt for a microchip and nothing. It jumped down and walked over of my bag and pulled out my uneaten sandwich from work and brought it to me as if to say can I have it? This felt weird I opened the sandwich and held the piece of ham while it sat back on my knee and ate it, it finished the piece of ham and curled up on me and went to sleep. For the first time in hours I hadn’t thought about what happened today.


  1. I love the way you keep adding more information and more twists, Beckah. And the introduction of the cat was a nice way to slow the pace down for a moment. I can't wait to see what happens next!