Thursday, 17 November 2011


I haven't posted in what feels like years and i'm very sorry so here's part 8

I sat on the sofa for a while, I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew Marcus came through the door and woke me and the cat up. ‘’what time is it?’’ I said tired and frustrated, I rubbed my eyes to see Marcus stood in front of me, he replied ‘’6 at night.’’ My next thought was Andy where was Andy?! I said to Marcus ‘’where is Andy?’’ he replied ‘’why?’’ he sounded scared and alarmed, I said ‘’no reason I just want to speak with her.’’ He sat down next to me and started playing with the cat then said ‘’when did we get a cat?’’ like he just realised I just replied ‘’today he found us.’’

The phone rang so I got up and answered it the first thing I heard was detective jones say is ‘’are you alone? We know about you and Marcus and his sister staying with you we know all this are you alone?’’ I froze they knew? How did they know? ‘’Marcus is with me,’’ ‘’go to another room away from him this is urgent’’ I walked up to my room I told Marcus I would be back in a few minutes and that is was my mam asking if I had her bracelet from dad. I got in my room and said to detective jones I was alone and he said ‘’Andy his sister right?’’ ‘’Yea ‘’ I said ‘’her finger prints are on the letter you gave us’’ I just said ‘’I’m gunna come down, I have been given something that might help’’

I grabbed a random bracelet and went down stairs Marcus looked at me I couldn’t tell him he would die inside he loved her should I tell him? Show him the letter? The pictures? Would he believe me? I just said found it I’m gunna go post it, I’ll be back soon.

I drove as fast as I could, when I got there detective jones was waiting for me we walked into my office and there must have been about 20 Federal agents and FBI in my office. They wanted to ask questions about Andy and Jack then I gave them the pictures and they said I was to be watched at all times and all walked out.

About 2 hours later they came back and said I would ring Andy and get her to meet me. This all felt wrong Marcus knew everything and I couldn’t tell him anything. I rang Andy and asked her to meet me at a coffee shop nearby in an hour.

I spent 45 minutes getting kitted out and going through all the signals they wanted me to use, then I walked to the coffee shop and sat down and waited for what seemed like ever, she came through the door and sat down and said she had something to tell me. I told everyone to back off by twisting my mug so the handle was pointing to the window. She started crying then she said ‘’you must hate me, I should be dead I killed Cullum and helped with the others, I’m so sorry please forgive me I love staying with you.’’ I looked at her she was clearly sorry and there was nothing I could do I just spilt the half cup of coffee and coffee shop filled with agents and she was arrested. I actually felt sorry for her. Then it occurred to me how did she know I knew?


  1. It's good to see you posting again, Beckah! I have a feeling we're about to see a few more twists based on that last sentence. :)

  2. thanks glad to be back i hopeitis perminant too! and yea there will be thanks for reading!

  3. Getting intense, Beckah! I'm glad you're back posing these stories again. :)

  4. This is rather difficult to read because of the lack of "proper" punctuation. I'm not sure whether you made a conscious decision to disregard some writing standards (you wouldn't be the first) or you just need learn more about about it, but I ended up getting caught up in words and missing the story.

    But then, I'm an editor, so it's impossible for me NOT to notice.

  5. thanks Maria glad you liked this part there is more to come :)
    5anyman i'm sorry, it's that i have a form of dyslixia and i'm not ponhically aware and this affects where i think punctuation should go, as i write i think commers and full stops should go places where they really shouldn't. I know this is not an excuse but is something i am working on hope this didn't spoil your enjoyment of the story.

  6. Another good one,Beckah- nice work!